“Christmas Mouse” returns with joy and good cheer

“When it comes to Christmas cheer, there shouldn’t be winners and losers.”

Lionel and Edwina can’t stop competing. The friendly neighbors scurry about the stage to see who can give the biggest gift, perform the best talent, wear the most festive costume and hang the prettiest decorations. They’re so busy, they don’t even notice when Rabbit accidentally sells their homes.

Can Christmas Mouse recover from her cold in time to remind everyone what the holiday’s really about?

What a joy it is to see smart, warm, finely crafted children’s theatre. The story depicts rivalry without insults or sabotage. When Edwina does her turkey dance, Lionel praises it before showing off his spaghetti-chopping karate skills. Even at their silliest, they compete over kindness, generosity and holiday cheer.

Anna Faye Hunter and Jordan Mathews make a classic comedy duo. Edwina rarely walks, turning each step into a dance, skip or shuffle. Meanwhile, Lionel stretches to full height each time he boasts. Their enthusiasm and playful banter kept kids smiling for a full hour.

We can’t imagine higher praise.

Additional Notes:
We heard gasps of delight as kids first saw the set design. So many smart choices here, from the colorful, concave houses to the wintry cellophane backdrop (shared by the holiday cabaret, “Fa La La”).

Mousey laments her situation by singing a rewrite of “Mary, Did You Know?” Church and stage steal from each other all the time, but this felt like a rare misstep.

Millibo’s famous hospitality continues after the show. They give away a silly hat, pose for pictures, then invite families downstairs for cookies and a craft.

“Return of Christmas Mouse” goes best for ages 4-10, with a few jokes about Comcast, yoga and real estate thrown in for parents.

Millibo Art Theatre
1626 S Tejon St
Box Office: (719) 465-6321

Playing December 9 – 24, 2017
Admission: $12 general
Running Time: 1 hour

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