Our Shorts Are Showing #5

October 5 – 8, 2017

Presented by Craft Production Resource
The Theater on Pecan
1367 S Pecan St

Featuring new short plays by local playwrights:

“Ultimate Downsizing” by Sue Bachman
Directed by Sue Bachman

“Ticking Time Bomb Land” by Bill Cobban
Directed by Jareth Spirio

“That’s the Ticket” by Phil Ginsburg
Directed by Elizabeth Kahn-Lanning

“Sanctuary, Inc.” ​by Steve Emily
Directed by Matt Radcliffe

“Comedians From Outer Space” by Warren Epstein
Directed by Warren Epstein

Includes performance poetry by Phil Ginsburg and music by Howard Kirstel

Admission: $15 adult; $10 senior; $5 students
Tags: Short Plays

Locals craft laughs aplenty in “Our Shorts Are Showing #5” (Review)
Springs On Stage — October 6, 2017

Show Times
Thursday, October 5 — 7:00 pm
Friday, October 6 — 7:00 pm
Saturday, October 7 — 2:00 pm
Saturday, October 7 — 7:00 pm
Sunday, October 8 — 4:00 pm

Ultimate Downsizing
Sid Robert Tiffany
Sophie Catherine McGuire
Frieda Kathleen Meesey
Faye Darra Robertson
Theo Charlie Ammen
Bud Richard “Buck” Buchanan
Ruthie Armour Ratcliffe
Ticking Time Bomb Land
Gina Alison Lanning
Don David Guzman
Frat Guy #1 Jake Zindorf
Frat Guy #2 Isaac Calloway
That’s the Ticket
Carol Ashley Crockett
Voice Hossein Forouzandeh
Steve Coogan Greg Lanning
Sanctuary, Inc.
Sam Jacob Hacker
Rachel Cara D. Pearce
Beverly Karen Anderson
Prescott Jude Bishop
Lily Ambrosia Feess-Armstrong
Alan Dan Kifer
Comedians From Outer Space
Chess Jane Fromme
Blat Mark E. Cannon
Hornos Hannah Rockey
Louis Banks Rick Zahradnik
General McGraw Charlie Ammen
President Kushner Richard Sebastian-Coleman
Production Team
Producer Kathy Paradise
Set Design, That’s the Ticket Jim Campbell
Sound Design Bob Morsch
Light/Sound Tech Eric Grosenbach
Stage Manager Brittany Merritt
House Manager Bruce Carter
Program Jane Fromme