Onstage in 2017

Academy of Community Theatre (ACT II)

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, October 27 – November 4

Colorado College Dept of Theatre and Dance
Coming Up: Top Girls

Circus Beckett, October 12-14 (read our review)
Top Girls, December 14-16

Counterweight Theatre Lab

The Last Temptation of Christ, April 21 – May 7
Petrograd, July 21 – August 6 (read our review)
Macbeth, October 20-30 (read our review)

Craft Production Resource

Dragon Theatre Productions

The Jungle Book, August 4-5
Tales of Tails, August 11-12

Fine Arts Center
Now: Annie

Shrek the Musical, through January 8
The Other Coast Caper, January 13-29 (WYNOT Radio Theatre)
Enchanted April, February 9-26
Junie B. Jones, February 24 – March 26
Bye Bye Birdie, March 30 – April 23
Souvenir: A Fantasia on the Life of Florence Foster Jenkins, April 28 – May 21
Man of La Mancha, May 25 – June 18
Merrily We Roll Along, July 27-30 (Youth Repertory)
New Season
Parallel Lives, September 8 – October 1 (read our review)
Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery, October 5-29 (read our review)
Bunnicula, October 13 – November 12 (read our review)
Annie, December 7 – January 7

First Company

Dearly Beloved, March 10-19
D.K. Molar: The Devious Dentist, July 4
Don’t Drink the Water, August 4-13 (read our review)
Number the Stars, October 27 – November 5 (read our review)

First Strike Theatre

Going to the Dogs, September 8-9

Funky Little Theater Co.
Now: The Couple Next Door

Sylvia, April 14-28
Extremities, May 18-28
[spectrum] LGBT New Play Festival, July 14-29
24seven, September 9
Maid to Order, September 15-30 (read our review)
New Season
Eurydice, October 20 – November 4 (read our review)
The Couple Next Door, December 7-16

Glen Eyrie

Iron Springs Chateau
Now: Have a Very Merryville Christmas (read our review)

What Became of Nona Jane? or… Brown Gravy Blues, February 10 – August 5
Jenny Jones-Spy Catcher!, June 23 – October 14 (read our review)
Rocky Horror Picture Show Live, October 20 – November 4 (read our review)
Have a Very Merryville Christmas, November 17 – December 23 (read our review)

Millibo Art Theatre
Now: Fa La La and Return of Christmas Mouse
Coming Up: New Year’s Eve with Mr. Guffaw

Oops!, February 4-5 (Kids First)
Lovette, February 9-26
St George and the Dragon, March 4-5 (Kids First)
The Crucible, March 16 – April 2
The Heroines of Central Ohio, April 13-30
Incredible Circus Millibo, May 6-21 (Kids First)
Busker and Me: A Tail of a Circus Dog, July 2-30 (Sundae Sundays)
Suitcase Fairytales, July 2-30 (Sundae Sundays)
Circus of the Night: The Flapper Follies, July 21 – August 26 (read our review)
New Season
The Long Way, October 19-21 (read our review)
Which Witch Is Which, October 28-29 (Kids First)
The Accidental Death of an Anarchist, November 16-26 (read our review)
Fa La La, December 7-23
Return of Christmas Mouse, December 9-24 (Kids First)
New Year’s Eve with Mr. Guffaw, December 31 (Kids First)

Pikes Peak Center
Coming Up: A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder

Once, January 10-11
Dirty Dancing, February 7-8
Jesus Christ Superstar, March 28-29
SkippyJon Jones Snow What, April 25
Stomp, May 2
Motown the Musical, November 7-8
A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, December 12-13

Pikes Peak Community College

Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992, November 30 – December 2 (read our review)

Springs Ensemble Theatre
Now: The Gnome in the Room

The Heir Apparent, February 16 – March 5
Rapture, Blister, Burn, May 18 – June 4
Gidion’s Knot, July 20 – August 6 (read our review)
Afterlife: A Ghost Story, October 12-29 (read our review)
The Gnome in the Room, December 7-17

Star Bar Players

Quake, February 3-12
Tape, March 31 – April 16
The God of Hell, June 24 – July 9
White Rabbit Red Rabbit, August 11-27 (read our review)

Sunrise Players

Children of Eden, April 21-23
The Hunchback of Notre Dame, November 9-12 (read our review)

Now: Angels in America

Theatregasm Turns 10, March 10-19
Short Eyes, May 19 – June 4
Petrograd, July 21 – August 6 (read our review)
Dogs the Musical, September 15 – October 1 (read our review)
Angels in America (Parts 1+2), December 7-23

Now: The Santaland Diaries (read our review)

The Hairy Ape, February 9-26
Cabaret, March 16-26 (UCCS Student Production)
Pride and Prejudice, April 20 – May 7
New Season
Much Ado About Nothing, July 27 – August 19 (read our review)
Heisenberg, September 7-24 (read our review)
Wild Honey, October 19 – November 5 (read our review)
The Santaland Diaries, November 30 – December 23 (read our review)

UCCS Theatre Company

Bachelorette, March 3-12
Cabaret, March 16-26
Waiting for Godot, September 29 – October 8 (read our review)
Blackademics, November 10-19 (read our review)

Village Arts

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, June 23 – July 1