Number the Stars

October 27 – November 5, 2017

First Company at
First United Methodist Church
420 N Nevada Ave

Directed by Katie Harmon
Based on the novel by Lois Lowry; adapted for the stage by Andrew Harmon

Admission: $15 general, $5 students
Running Time: 2 hours, 30 minutes
Tags: Drama; Adaptation

“Number the Stars” inspires in a new adaptation (Review)
Springs On Stage — October 31, 2017

Show Times
Friday, October 27 — 7:00 pm
Saturday, October 28 — 7:00 pm
Sunday, October 29 — 2:30 pm
Friday, November 3 — 7:00 pm
Saturday, November 4 — 7:00 pm
Sunday, November 5 — 2:30 pm

Annemarie Johansen Sophia Moon
Inge Johansen Jessica Cernek
Quinton Johansen Daniel Thrasher
Kirsti Johansen Leia Garcia
Lise Johansen Abigail Gaydos
Peter Brian Tucker
Ellen Rosen Sarafina Regusci
Sophie Rosen Annaliese Higgins
Saul Rosen B. Jay Bliss
Uncle Henrik Dan Robbins
Jager, Nazi 2 Michael Greenker
William, Nazi Captain Anthony Velarde
Nazi 1, Old Man Morgan Moon
Mrs. Paulsen, Gerda Sielberg Miranda Wright
Production Team
Stage Manager Candi Martynes
Set Design Marty Fennewald
Katie Harmon
Set Construction Marty Fennewald
Terry Phillips
Light Design Tristan Hilleary
Sound Design Kari Kiser
Costume Design Jeannie Robbins
Makeup Trudy Fennewald
Props Suzanne Seyfi
House Manager David Cosby
Photographer Jamie Farmer
Program Betsy McClenahan
Vanity Board Sarah Greenley