“Bible HerStory” flips the script on Scripture

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“Speak of the devil, it’s Adam.”

In this Bible-bending comedy, Funky Little Theater recasts six famous scenes through the eyes of women:

  • Eve in the garden
  • Noah’s wife preps for a flood
  • Sarah faces the sacrifice of her only son
  • Miriam brokers a deal before Moses goes to extremes
  • Solomon’s queen settles a dispute
  • An angel appears to the virgin Mary

Turns out, God is a woman, and the feminine approach—reason, relationship, humility and a motherly willingness to meddle—could save humanity a whole lot of trouble.

Karen Anderson imbues God the mother with a gentle spirit, welcoming us into the premise before she brings the thunder.

Sophie Javna sparkles as Miriam, a plucky factory worker trying to butter up the boss’s secretary. Her eloquence and enthusiasm make a winsome combination.

The night has a sketch comedy vibe, with broad accents, slapstick squabbling and sly prop comedy. At times, that “go big” instinct threatens to trample the nuances of the script, but this talented ensemble keeps you laughing.

Chris Medina’s set design reinforces the subversive tone. He sets the play “backstage,” with exposed flats, plain wooden boxes and minimal props. In a world where men take the spotlight, these remarkable women carve out a space to tell their stories.

He who has ears, let him hear.

Additional Notes:

We loved the playful character references, from Eve’s leafy dress to Ramses’ eye makeup. As usual, Funky excels at the little details.

Churchgoers will find this script speaks highly of faith and prayer, while rewarding biblical literacy. The most controversial choice has little to do with gender; by favoring a gospel of social progress over atonement, it opens the door for a surprising job offer.

“Bible HerStory” features a few curse words and innuendo. We’d give it a Mel Brooks-level PG rating.

Funky Little Theater Co.
2109 Templeton Gap Rd
Box Office: (719) 425-9509

Playing March 9 – 24, 2018 (buy tickets)
Admission: $19 general; $15 Thursdays
Running Time: 1 hour, 25 minutes

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