Locals craft laughs aplenty in “Our Shorts Are Showing #5”

Local writing group Craft Production Resource presents their fifth annual short play showcase this weekend, featuring actors and directors from the Front Range:

Ultimate Downsizing by Sue Bachman

“I thought we were done moving two moves ago.”

An older couple who’ve just moved to a condo unpacks their things, only to be interrupted by several kooky neighbors.

Sue Bachman hits all the peculiar anxieties of moving into a smaller place (where will we put the Christmas tree?). Catherine McGuire and Robert Tiffany bring so much heart to the lead characters, I could’ve thrown out the neighbors entirely and let this be a subtler, more melancholy scene.

Ticking Time Bomb Land by Bill Cobban

“Well, nobody’s been blown up yet.”

A young couple visits the world’s most dangerous tourist attraction.

Fantastic premise that digs into our bizarre fascination with risk. All four actors do great work, but the bomb itself becomes the star, ticking away onstage as the audience stares with mounting anticipation.

That’s the Ticket by Phil Ginsburg

“Why is the world being taken over by robots who sing Rodgers and Hammerstein?”

A widow finds herself trapped in a parking garage with an automated customer service program.

Funniest sketch of the night. As “Robert,” Hossein Forouzandeh’s voice oscillates between overseas call center and HAL 9000. Ashley Crockett runs with the madness, building a cute rapport with her offstage tormentor (and possible friend).

Hossein Forouzandeh and Phil Ginsburg after the show

Sanctuary, Inc. by Steve Emily

“One thing we know for sure, he should not be allowed within 50 feet of a Dunkin’ Donuts.”

Two coworkers escape their soul-sucking office jobs by hiding in the supply closet.

We enter the rated-R portion of the evening. Without spoilers, I’ll note that Jude Bishop kills as the boss, while Cara D. Pearce and Jacob Hacker have great chemistry as intruders turned inspirational allies.

Comedians From Outer Space by Warren Epstein

“All the most advanced species use a form of flatulence to communicate.”

When three aliens make first contact, they demand to meet a comedy legend.

Warren Epstein’s skit celebrates classic lowbrow humor, complete with fart jokes, genital hijinks and silly walks. It’s a tricky shift in tone from the other shorts, but aliens Jane Fromme, Mark E. Cannon and Hannah Rockey fully commit to the premise. Shut your brain off and laugh.

Additional Notes:

Phil Ginsburg performs two poetic monologues. His well-crafted voice and honest observations make the perfect palate cleanser between scenes.

The Theater on Pecan doesn’t currently have a sign out front. Look for 1367 and enter boldly.

“Our Shorts Are Showing #5” contains harsh language, toilet humor and sexual content. Not suitable for children age 12 and under.

Craft Production Resource at
The Theater on Pecan
1367 Pecan St

Playing October 5 – 8, 2017
Admission: $15 general
Running Time: 1 hour, 45 minutes

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