“The Couple Next Door” throws a swingin’ party

“It was like his greatest boyhood jerk-off fantasy come to life.”

Vance and Sadie are out of synch. She’s working too many hours, he’s taking odd shifts at the zoo. When they finally get a moment together, she tries to knock out their endless to-do list while he tries to feel her up.

Next door, devoted swingers Rich and Janet smile at the telltale moans sneaking through the wall. They decide to invite Vance and Sadie over for game night—and hopefully more.

“The Couple Next Door” keys in on little details. Rich refolds every piece of Janet’s laundry. Sadie, panicking about looking open but not too eager, plucks Vance’s ear hairs before dinner.

All four actors have sparks together. The married couples nuzzle comfortably, while each touch from a new partner crackles with nervous excitement.

Mariah Owens makes a star turn as Sadie, the buttoned-up mom whose biggest turn-on might be emotional intimacy. Far from frigid, Owens keeps Sadie’s desire at a constant simmer. She likes sex, she wants sex, but she knows more sex won’t fix her marriage.

Jeremy Farrell plays Rich with the unshakeable confidence of a salesman. He swings for the fences, flattering but sincere, aggressive while never oppressive—the type that other men imitate with disastrous results. His aching seduction of Sadie is practically a magic trick.

As morning dawns after a night of fun, both couples reassess their commitments, coming to grips with how much they stand to lose.

Additional Notes:

The set teases the swinger theme, as Vance and Sadie’s kitchen spills into Rich and Janet’s living room with no wall between. Each side has playful details that reflect its owners’ personalities.

Certain moments feel like they’re written for a cast that looks 10 to 15 years older, with an extra decade of relationship capital at stake.

“The Couple Next Door” includes sexy outfits, intimate touch and graphic conversations.

Funky Little Theater Co.
2109 Templeton Gap Rd
Box Office: (719) 425-9509

Playing December 7 – 16, 2017
Admission: $19 general; $15 Thursdays
Running Time: 2 hours

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