GhostLight’s debut takes a closer look at “The Real Me”

“I’ll stop making promises, if that’s what you want.”

GhostLight Ensemble, a group of 13 young actors, takes the stage for the first time with “The Real Me Is Here Anyway.” The night’s sketches keep a sharp focus on teen emotional issues: failure, backseat drivers, breakup anxiety, therapy, absent parents and inadequacy.

Despite the heavy themes, “The Real Me” offers big laughs and lots of surprises. GhostLight develops its scripts through improv games. The result feels like a more polished version of summer camp theatre—creative, timely and wildly enthusiastic.

It’s inspiring to watch a true ensemble at work. Whether singing a capella, creating movement or shooting video, the group weaves each other’s gifts into a compelling story. They have much to offer, and consistently deliver.

Levanna Davis delights as a practically perfect character with hidden emotional baggage in “Escaped.” It’s an uncanny impression that takes a nuanced turn.

© GhostLight Ensemble

Audrey McGee goes all-in on a goofy premise for “Road Rush.” Her glee and youthful obliviousness boost each joke.

The entire cast of “Suspect X” makes hay with the Inside Out-meets-noir investigation of a dead romance. It wouldn’t surprise us to see that sketch have a future beyond this weekend, along with crowd favorite “I Will Survive the Mashup.”

Any play for teenagers has to dance the knife’s edge between silly and honest. GhostLight’s sincerity prevails, aided by their collaborative process and mutual trust. We’re excited to see what this new ensemble brings to the local arts community.

Additional Notes:

While seating is general admission, reserve your tickets online (at least one day in advance) for access to the best rows.

“The Real Me Is Here Anyway” examines teen issues through a church-friendly lens.

GhostLight Ensemble at
Village Seven Presbyterian Church
4040 S Nonchalant Circle

Playing February 25 and March 2, 2018
Admission: $8 general; $2 students
Running Time: 2 hours, 30 minutes

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