Bask in the warmth and wonder of cabaret “Fa La La”

“Eight hundred and seventeen maids a milkin’, and I am lactose intolerant.”

You don’t see many shows about the winter blues.

Sure, there are curmudgeons who need the magic of Christmas. Other plays feature cynics gleefully deconstructing the holiday’s phoniness. But few reckon head-on with the idea that this time of year can leave us deeply sad.

Enter “Fa La La,” Millibo’s charming night of comedy, acrobatics and song.

Hosted by Babette, the Bulgarian-Brazilian babbler (with just a touch of Andy Kaufman at his sweetest), “Fa La La” tackles stress, loneliness, doubt and sacrifice… all with a joyful, uplifting spirit.

With respect to Dave Hale and Jim Jackson, both entertaining in their own right, this night belongs to the women:

Tatiana Nikitenko left us awestruck with her aerial “dance of darkness”—graceful, triumphant, a vision in white against the falling snow.

Hannah Rockey’s braying comic style was a great match for her material. We couldn’t stop laughing at her exasperation over “The 12 Days of Christmas.”

Elizabeth Fluharty brought childlike wonder to her rope routine, exploring aerial tricks like a kid with a brand-new toy.

Heather Carnahan transfixed the crowd with a strong, exquisite pole number set to a techno “Carol of the Bells.”

Millibo pretends this isn’t a “thinking” show, but the skill and heart with which they craft their comedy says otherwise. They can’t help but act as a light in the darkness, guiding you out of the bitter cold.

Additional Notes:
While “Fa La La” showcases sensual art forms, including pole and aerial silks, it keeps a tight focus on beauty rather than titillation.

Ever the gracious host, Birgitta De Pree charms without stealing the spotlight. She sets the mood for each act, nudging you ever so subtly into the proper emotional state to best enjoy what comes next.

After indulging in a treat or beverage (or both) at intermission, we suggest you find your way back to your seat a few minutes early.

“Fa La La” contains frisky elves, occasional profanity and adult humor.

Millibo Art Theatre
1626 S Tejon St
Box Office: (719) 465-6321

Playing December 7 – 23, 2017
Admission: $25 general; $18 Thursdays
Running Time: 2 hours

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