Everyone is dying inside as “Millennium Approaches”

“What if I walked out on this? Would you hate me forever?”

New York City, 1985. The world’s about to end. Ozone, AIDS, valium, Reaganomics, homophobia—pick your poison.

Tony Kushner’s Pulitzer-winning opus, “Angels in America,” examines two couples on the brink of disaster. Moments after a funeral, Prior tells Louis that he has AIDS, a death sentence that Louis can’t bear to watch. Meanwhile, Mormons Joe and Harper grapple with his closeted homosexuality and her psychotic breaks (aided by a serious valium addiction).

THEATREdART has assembled an all-star cast of local actors for this massive undertaking.

Becki Yukman floats seamlessly between delusion and razor-sharp clarity. As Harper’s numbed brain ambles down roads of lyrical indulgence, Yukman remains consistently compelling.

Rehearsal photo; © Dana Kjeldsen

Adam Blancas plays both sides of Louis well. He flails around Prior, emotionally petrified and terrified for his own safety. Yet, in flirting with Joe, he transforms those neuroses into charms. You can’t hate the guy… at least, not yet.

Ethan Everhart uses his ethereal slipperiness to great effect as Mr. Lies, Harper’s imaginary friend. He draws her ever deeper into delusion, tiptoeing the line of seduction without making the relationship sexual.

As their worlds crumble, the biggest change is yet to come. Prior keeps hearing angelic voices in the throes of his illness. It seems that the supernatural will once more enter the domain of men.

They’d better start praying.

Additional Notes:
Scenes take place on ever-shifting realities. At one point, Prior’s dream intersects with Harper’s hallucination. Props to director Erica Erickson for navigating us through the complexity.

If you’ve never driven to the Trestle Building before, ask TdA for directions. Google Maps leaves you floating in the middle of Colorado Ave.

With three hours of dialogue (and more to come), you have to expect a few line flubs. The actors do a great job working back into Kushner’s loquacious flow.

“Angels in America: Millennium Approaches” contains graphic sexual content, nudity, drug use and profanity.

Presented by THEATREdART
December 8, 10, 15, 17 and 23, 2017

The Trestle Building
219 W Colorado Ave

Admission: Pay what you can (suggested $15)
Running Time: 3 hours

Click here for our review of part 2, “Angels in America: Perestroika.”

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