Funky cleans up for cross-dressing farce “Maid to Order”

“Who’s in there? And what is he wearing?”

When dashing actor Julian drops by to visit Faith, a put-upon housewife, it sets off a comedy of errors. Some gossip that Julian is Faith’s secret lover. Her wealthy aunt mistakes him for Faith’s husband, Carl.

In order to save Faith’s reputation, Julian must pose as the busty new maid—but only sometimes, depending on who’s in the room. Meanwhile, more and more girls arrive, also claiming to be the maid . . . each less convincing than the one before.


As Julian, Chris Medina elevates the material from his first entrance. He wears charm like cologne, paired with a genuine affection for Faith. Even the hackier jokes—such as “Juliet’s” fake breasts that keep shifting—benefit from Medina’s wholehearted commitment.

The script seems to defy genre, at once flirtatious and yet juvenile (one of the maids is named Lotta Bowling). While you typically watch farce for the chaos, not the resolution, the ending here could use a bit more polish.

Nevertheless, with five maids scurrying about, you’re sure to enjoy a night of good, clean fun.

Additional Notes:
Young actors should study Karen Anderson’s lived-in performance as wealthy Aunt Abby. Confident but never forced, she brings a welcome dose of reality to the wackiness around her (while still serving up jokes).

The playwright put too many arguments in the first act, hurting both pace and tone. Never fear, the cast finds a second gear once Julian arrives—and a third gear as the farce really kicks in.

“Maid to Order” includes comedic cross-dressing and some light flirting.

Funky Little Theater Co.
2109 Templeton Gap Rd
Box Office: (719) 425-9509

Playing September 15 – 30, 2017
Admission: $15 general; $11 Thursdays
Running Time: 2 hours

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