I Can’t Talk About “White Rabbit Red Rabbit”

No  matter  what  happens  tonight ,  don’t  leave .” [quote redacted]

Star Bar has kept the details of its current play, “White Rabbit Red Rabbit,” a secret. Even the lead actor doesn’t know Nassim Soleimanpour’s story until it begins.

I can’t say much about what I saw on opening night, but with the producers’ authorization, I can answer the following questions.

Is this improv?
Absolutely not. The script contains written dialogue and clear stage directions, flavored by the actor’s real-time choices. You’ll find several lines as quotable as a traditional drama.

How much time does the actor have to prepare?
The play begins the moment the actor opens the script. She reads aloud the entire time, with no opportunity to scan the next sentence, let alone the next page.

Who’s in the cast?
Each night, a different actor opens a script for the first time. Star Bar has lined up ten performers from diverse backgrounds: poets and pastors; young and old; white, black, Jewish, Persian; men, women and those who resist labels. You can find the full list of performers here.

Hossein Forouzandeh opens the script on Night 2

While the actor must change, the audience can return night after night. Star Bar director Dylan Mosley teases, “You might find it useful to see this show again.” (Repeat visitors get discounted tickets.)

So it’s a one-man show?
One actor receives the script, but the audience influences the performance, both directly and indirectly.

How does it end?
You leave the theatre.

Ugh, why won’t anyone tell me what happens?!
Sorry. Just know, the secrecy surrounding this play isn’t a marketing gimmick. Go in blind, see how you respond . . . then come back.

Is “White Rabbit Red Rabbit” appropriate for children?

Were any rabbits harmed during the production?
If you need to know, you’re not ready.

How long is the play?
Opening night lasted one hour. When asked what to expect on other nights, Mosley replied, “The script is the same number of pages.”

Will there be snacks?
Possibly. We got some.

Should I see this play?
Yes, as soon as possible.

Presented by Star Bar Players
August 11 – 27, 2017

David H. Lord Theater at
Cottonwood Center for the Arts
427 E Colorado Ave

Admission: $15 general, $12 senior/military, $6 students

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